Custom CATIA Toolbar 3DEXPERIENCE Part 1

As you can see in the top image, VBA is a good language to create your own custom toolbar which can incorporate different macros or some commands. This toolbar is looking somehow like Action Pad but it will be always there even if you will delete all CATSettings (sometimes it can happens that CATSettings can be corrupted).

If you delete those CATSettings without making a backup, all your customization will disappear, including those done in Action Pad (I love when support team is doing this without preventing you what will happen 🙂 ).

In the video below, is shown some actions like calling different Windows applications, open the 3DEXPERIENCE web instance or opening an Excel file containing commands from the application.

You can see also two buttons which will save your time in the future: Backup CATSettings will save your preferences in a special folder created on the desktop (please do the backup with fresh, new CATSettings created automatically by the software) and Restore CATSettings which can replace the corrupted settings later on (restoring can be done also in other ways not necessary using this button).

To do this, you will need to know where CATSettings are stored by the software and in the same time from where to delete them when they become corrupted (most often the software will give some sign of not so normal functioning).

This is shown in the picture below. In the second picture, there is an Excel file which I created just to store what CATSettings I’m interested (for the time being). You can add many more (or delete) depending on what you need. For this you will need to watch in the folder where these CATSettings are saved by the software and decide for what you need to do the backup or not. Each time you will open a new workbench or add some commands to the Action Bar (which will look different for different workbenches) new CATSettings will be created by the software.


If you don’t want to customize so often the Action Pad then putting commands in a custom toolbar as it was shown might be a good idea.

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