Custom CATIA Toolbar 3DEXPERIENCE Part 2

Many times, designers are asked about the dimensions of Bounding Box (BBox) of a part. Depending on how that part was created, you can define different BBox.

The Measure Inertia command with its components BBLx, BBLy and BBLz is not always the best choice, the volume created is not always the minimum (if you are searching for this solution and not for something else).

In below video you can see a macro created for this purpose along with some others macros useful to manipulate different elements.

You can observe that with macro created in 3DEXPERIENCE you can choose different lines as axis so volumes of the BBox are different.

Picture below is showing one of the choices which is overlapping the Measure Inertia command.


As you can notice, volumes are different and they are written in the geometrical set where elements were created. The Measure Inertia BBox is not the smallest volume.


In same video you can see a workaround for how to call a catvbs from data base in catvba. You can simply assign an alias and you are done so the Export_Points.catvbs can be launched from the toolbar.


As I mentioned in the previous article, don’t forget to save your CATSettings. All these actions done to assign an alias or an icon and placing in Action Pad are stored in below settings and preferences.








Deleting them will cause impossibility to run CATIA.StartCommand “Your_macro.catvbs”. This can be done only after reassigning an alias for your macro.

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