Revealing “Hidden” CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE 2017x (CLOUD) Commands

After discovering some commands ID in CATIA V5, I was asking myself if I can figure out how to find something similar in 3DEXPERIENCE platform. I was sure these commands ID are existing since some of them are also in V5 (example OpenInNewWnd) or in V6R2013x (example PLMOpenInNewWnd)

You can get a lot of useful information if you will read the automation help file (great work, appreciate those who created that file).

An interesting command which can be launched from Power Input text box gives me the possibility to find what I was looking for:

c: Application Frame Structure Exposition

This will allow you to see a small window with names of active workbench and workshops.

After writing a path in the Directory input box, selecting a name and pushing Print button, you will get a text file (I’ve done a test for an assembly opened in a new window and for a part).

Note that depending on which workbench is active in your CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you will get different content for the files with same exported names (for example CATAfrGeneralWks.txt).

If you will open those files, you will see exposed a lot of things which can help you in automation of CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE (title of the command, ID, DLL used….).

That means you can use for example the bellow line to create with a macro a new Geometrical Set automatically named inside Part Design Workbench :

CATIA.StartCommand"CATMmrCreateGSMBodyHdr" .

What is interesting is that with the CATIA.GetWorkbenchId query (which I incorporated in my CATIA Custom Toolbar), you will get what I have in the screenshot below (which doesn't look like CATAifAssemblyWkb created before).

Using this method, now you can find easier what are the commands ID in 3DEXPERIENCE platform which can be used in scripting automation and also directly in Power Input text box.

From what I noticed, this method is not available for CATIA V5 (and for V6R2013x I cannot test it for the time being).



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